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Miss Trailerhood

Miss Trailerhood

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She can't get close to him—he's her best friend's brother. So what's a girl to do when he moves in across the street?

Main Tropes

  • Best friend's brother
  • Neighbors!
  • Reverse grumpy sunshine


She disappeared from our lives without a word. I never expected to run into her at a Quik Mart in between jobs.

What’s a guy to do when he finds his first crush? Follow her home, of course, and remind her of all the things she’s missing.

I didn’t know that holding onto Riley would involve living in a trailer park.

Or keeping it a secret from my sister—her best friend.

Riley is completely at home with lawn-mower racing, beer-guzzling exhibitionists. She doesn’t think I can handle it. Well, I’m going to show Miss Trailerhood that I’m here to stay—no matter what trailer-park mayhem she puts me through.

Love is patient, love is kind, love means buying a single wide.

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