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Rook to King Audiobook

Rook to King Audiobook

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Narrated by Kim Churchill and Wayne Mitchell!

Rook to King is an adventure romcom featuring a priceless chess set and a race for treasure.

Main Tropes

  • Enemies to Lovers
  • Treasure hunt
  • Kidnapping lite


When Bodie King, a con man known for (alleged) art thefts, steps into my antique store, I know I’m in trouble.

Not only is he charming, devastatingly handsome, and used to getting what he wants, but he’s looking for a priceless chess set.

The same one I’m searching for.

The race is on and I have to use everything I know about the chess set to get it before him.

Too bad he doesn’t play fair. (Or doesn’t scare easily at broadswords and fuzzy slippers.)

But when things take a dark turn and someone sets the antique store on fire, Bodie becomes an unlikely ally.

Now I just have to remember all the reasons I shouldn’t fall for the competition:

1) He’ll steal the chess set out from under me if he can.
2) He’s a great kisser.
Oops, no. I mean, 2) He has deadly enemies.
3) He's too distracting.

What happens when the lines are blurred, and he steals my heart?

Note: Rook to King is a romantic comedy adventure featuring morally gray characters.

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